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Literary Notes from All Over: a Digital Edition

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Benjamin Chambers writes:

  • Anyone else notice that The New Yorker is launching a “digital edition” later this year? You’ll read this edition via the Web, it’ll look just like the magazine, but you’ll get access to it before the print edition arrives in your mailbox or even most newsstands. Current subscribers can get the digital version free for the duration of their subscriptions, as long as they sign up; non-subscribers can get a free, four-issue trial subscription, though after that, it’s $39.95. Looks promising. (Searchable, too.)
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you could collect all of your favorite TNY stories in one place? Thanks to Emily, I found a link on Galleycat about AnthologyBuilder.com, a service that allows you to pick and choose from its list of stories to create your own anthology. Right now, there’s a limit on what you can choose from, but the possibilities are obvious. Perhaps TNY is already figuring out a way to pay its current authors so it can build such a service of its own? If I could create a personal TNY anthology, I’d include some John Cheever, Mary Lavin’s “The Great Wave,” Muriel Spark’s “In the House of the Famous Writer,” and … well, I’m just getting started. I’ll have to work on a list. Which stories would you include?
  • Something I didn’t expect to ever see, but found touching: notes from David Foster Wallace’s memorial service, courtesy of Stephen, of the blog Band of Thebes. I quite liked the notes, but there’s something terribly ironic about Wallace’s memorial service being rendered in bursts of shorthand reminiscent of Twitter.
  • Dzanc Books, an independent literary publisher (which numbers among its authors TNY poet Terese Svoboda), is holding a Write-a-Thon on November 15th to raise funds for its writers-in-the-schools workshops. Check it out, round up some sponsors for the big day, and when November 15th comes, write your heart out.


I Twittered briefly about how gorgeous it looked at the Festival headquarters, but I didn’t have time to go into detail. Thanks for posting about it! It’s a thrilling development for anyone who cares about magazine, American, design, advertising, political, cultural, etc., history. Did you know even the ads are searchable?

Last year, she said modestly, I used my third eye and predicted the Digital Edition, based on questions in the New Yorker Compass surveys (a very handy tool for sensing what’s next from Remnickistan).

You can save favorite stories in one place in folders you create within the New Yorker hard drive, but I suspect the web interface will make it easier.

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