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Bob Mankoff on David Marc Fischer, the Winningest Non-Winner We Knew

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Emily Gordon writes:

Recently, everyone at Emdashes was saddened by the death of David Marc Fischer, a dear friend of our site and of The New Yorker's cartoon caption contest. The following tribute is by The New Yorker's Bob Mankoff, and we think David would have loved it (click to enlarge the image):

In his "Blog About Town," David Marc Fischer meticulously catalogued The New Yorker's Cartoon Caption Contest, including his 179 consecutive non-winning entries. Upon learning of this lovely man's untimely passing, I went back and meticulously reviewed all of his entries, looking for the one that would best honor him and his devotion to the contest. I think this one, from contest 150, fits the bill.

--Bob Mankoff, Cartoon Editor, The New Yorker magazine



Aw. That’s a winner.

David would be thrilled to see this. Thanks, Bob.

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