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Emdashes: The Panel! At SXSW Tomorrow Morning. Be There!

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Start your day right with the panel I’m moderating! It’s called “Why Keep Blogging? Real Answers for Smart Tweeple.” Sorry about the usage of “tweeple”; it was entirely mobilized to tempt South By Southwest-type people, and that it has done. We’re very excited to share our blogging experiences and argument for the vitality, warmth, and future of blogs with what one of our panelists, Scott Rosenberg, calls “Geekstock.” I’ve never seen so many iPhones and Threadless tees in one place! I’ve spent the day sampling panels with Josh Fruhlinger, who’s also on the panel and who keeps getting recognized by his “Apartment 3-G”-mad fans.

Emdashes will be represented—along with The Comics Curmudgeon (Fruhlinger), The Old Hag, Jezebel, Politics Daily (Lizzie Skurnick), Loud Poet (Guy Gonzalez), and Wordyard (Rosenberg). We’ll talk about books, too, because Skurnick has published two—including Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading (which I have read more than twice, since I’ve read both the book and, several times each, the Jezebel posts that started it all)—and Scott Rosenberg has published the brilliantly titled and equally brilliantly written Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, and Why It Matters.

Here’s the description. Please join us; it’s going to be a rollicking powwow, and full of enthusiasm and energy—a good mood to be in for the rest of the day. See you there and come introduce yourself! If you’re not already following Emdashes on Twitter, we are, of course, @Emdashes.

Why Keep Blogging? Real Answers for Smart Tweeple

Now that we think in 140-character strings and live through Facebook, it’s tempting to throw out the blog baby with the bathwater. These seasoned bloggers explain the vitality of this still-revolutionary medium—the resources, community, continuity, and space for real ideas that only blogs can provide—and its infinite future potential.

—Emily Gordon


Hi Emily,
I really enjoyed your panel this am. I thought you did a great job moderating. We wrote up some of the panel highlights on our new blog: http://bit.ly/cRbam4

Hope to see more of you on the interactive conference scene!

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