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Cartoon caption contest: Things to do in Denver when you're not dead

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From Denver's Craigslist:

Do you play the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest? - 52

looking for signs of intelligent life...you...fem 45-55, youthful, smart, fit, attractive, stable, european...n/s

This woman has taste, Coloradans! The new drawing is pretty straight, but agreeably kinky, at least. And you'll have something to agree on the first time you meet: the current entries are blech. The third entry ("Frankly, your brochure is a bit misleading,” Richard Woodward, Clemson, S.C.) is the only funnyish one, so I hope you both vote for that before you take your moonlit walk on the beach. Is there a beach in Denver? You tell me, lovebirds. And the new winner, Bob Schwartz of Cincinnati, wasn't my pick but is perfectly adequate and will provide plenty of heated, that is to say hot, political debate between the two of you. May you get oodles of dates, Ms. X, and may you and your new sweetie submit some captions that are better than this lot.

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