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Art Spiegelman Explained?

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by The Conservative Voice, commenting on Spiegelman's June Harper's piece on the infamous Mohammed cartoons:

Spiegelman lives in Manhattan and works for the New Yorker, which provides a clue to his multiculti leanings. Obviously, he does not believe that Muslims are the unassimilable Other despite the overwhelming evidence of what is happening to his beloved Europe. Sun Tzu counseled, “Know thy enemy,” but whole classes of endangered species, specifically our Euro-leaning liberal elite, continue to view Islam through the prism of diversity where no culture can be recognized superior to any other. Friday night Seder is the same as some spiritual leader performing a clitorectomy on a teen-age girl with a sharpened rock.
At least Spiegelman is upfront about where he’s coming from. “As a secular Jewish cartoonist living in New York City, I start out with four strikes against me, but I really don’t want any irate Muslims declaring holy war on me. (Although I’m not at all religious, I am a devout coward.)” (Emphasis Spiegelman’s) This is perhaps the most honest statement in the essay, and could just as well serve as the motto of the New York Times.

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