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The first thing I turned to when I got the new New Yorker this week was the back page, and as Blog About Town and co. have declared, Harry Effron (Radosh Anti-Caption Man of the Hour) has won the actual caption contest! Harry, please consider this an interview invitation. It's time to reinstate the caption-contest interviews, this very week.

There's a nice extended profile of 90-year-old Algonquin bartender Hoy Wong in the London Independent. A tidbit: " 'It's rare in your life when you meet some[one] who really is the real deal, like him,' says the hotel's general manager, Bill Liles. 'He is by far our most dependable employee, always a smile on his face. And he has quite a female following, quite a sex symbol in New York. He is an icon, really.' "

Speaking of sexy icons who know how to pour a drink, if you were unlucky enough to miss Carolita Johnson at the Rejection Show last night, here are the drawings from her comic-tragic presentation "Ape-Face and Me," the story of an "ugly" (ha) model.

Finally, I've neglected to mention my favorite Talk last week, which was the debut piece by Goings on About Town scribe Michael Schulman. It's called "The Cooper's Tale," and it's about a cooper (as you know, "a maker of wooden buckets, tubs, butter churns, and, above all, barrels") from—or at least of—Colonial Williamsburg. Happening on the cooper near his South Street Seaport home, Schulman persuaded him to take a trip to Williamsburg, as in Brooklyn. The result is a pip and a joy to read, and I was pleased to tell Schulman so in person. He mused, "I thought he'd be amazed by how hip and expensive everything was, but all he saw was barrels!" Well done, and looking forward to more of his writing in the magazine.

Related: a video for sale, "The Cooper's Craft: The Art of Colonial Barrel Making."

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