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A Reader Writes: I Want My NTV!

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Received in the Emdashes inbox today:
What’s up with Tad Friend writing the TV reviews? I will cancel my subscription if Nancy Franklin is no longer the TV critic. Do you know?
I think Tad Friend is a grand writer, as you know, but I agree, Nancy Franklin is the cat’s pyjamas, and the mere idea of her departure from the TV spot is alarming. What’s going on, friends?
Update: She’s just on a well-earned leave and will be back later in 2007, I’m happy to report.


Well, isn’t Friend the magazine’s LA-based contributor on all things California? If so, it makes sense that he would review this about-the-biz series, especially with a late-summer deadline that might coincide with Franklin’s end-of-season vacation, no?

A very sensible theory. I’m sure you’re right, and goodness knows Franklin deserves a vacation worthy of her, with Alan Rickman reading aloud and some beautiful creature feeding her grapes.

I think it’s more serious. Apparently when Franklin was at BG, reviewing it for Tables For Two, she ate too many devilled eggs and became bloated (like Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke). As everone knows, If there’s one thing Remnick can’t stand it’s bloated writers. He fired her. He fired Franklin! That’s what I heard, anyway.

Isn’t this a couple weeks in a row with no Franklin doing TV?
She was my favorite tv writer and I don’t even own a TV!

Down w/ Friend!

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