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Crumb, Not Crumby

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Isn’t that how “crummy” is spelled in Catcher in the Rye? I’ll have to check. But good news: There’s a new Aline Kominsky Crumb b..ok, called Need More Love: A Graphic Memoir, coming out on Valentine’s Day ‘07 from MQ Publications. From PW:
The 400-plus-page book includes her recollections of growing up in a dysfunctional 1950s middle-class Jewish community on Long Island; her first visits to New York’s Greenwich Village, and the art, drugs and sexual escapades of the 1960s. It chronicles the early days of the underground comics movement and, of course, meeting and falling love with R. Crumb. She discusses motherhood (daughter Sophie is now a notable young comics artist) and their move to France, where the Crumbs have lived since 1990. And there’s even a chapter at the end called “The Kominsky Code,” offering Aline’s beauty, exercise and fashion tips—not to mention some smart photos of the svelte A.K. Crumb today. And the book is full of photographs and memorabilia from every period in her (and Bob’s and Sophie’s) life, all supplemented by her ever-candid commentary and reflection.

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