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Mighty White of Brown University

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For Chronicle of Higher Education subscribers only, I’m afraid, this follow-up to that New Yorker feature on the subject a few months ago (I’d look it up, but…well, you know):
Brown U. Acknowledges Its Founders’ Ties to Slavery but Stops Short of Apologizing
Brown University issued an exhaustive documentation on Wednesday of its founders’ role in the slave trade, and recommended setting up a memorial on its campus in Providence, R.I., and establishing a center for the continuing study of slavery and justice. Coming after three years of meetings, however, the report — by a 16-member Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice — may be more notable for what it doesn’t do: It falls short of offering an institutional apology, and while it discusses the issue of reparations at length, it makes no recommendation on whether to offer such payments to the descendants of slaves. Subscribers may continue.

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