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The other night at the Gopnik/Marx event, my friend Paddy Johnson at the upstanding Art Fag City told me that she’s now enjoying the help of an unpaid but much appreciated assistant, and if Art Fag City’s got one, by gum, so can we. (“We” because in its third year, Emdashes is no longer a one-man show, and hooray for that.) Sadly, the prospective candidate I had my eye on, Emily Gordon of the Cornell Daily Sun, is going to med school after she graduates (such a loss for journalism, and New Yorker blogging), but that doesn’t mean the other hordes of Emily Gordons, all of whom seem to be ace volleyball, soccer, or lacrosse players, aren’t more than welcome to apply. If your name isn’t Emily Gordon, Emdashes Inc.’s affirmative-action clause also encourages you to send your resume with a brief letter (demonstrating stellar spelling and punctuation skills) explaining your interest in the site, your degree of love for The New Yorker on a scale from one to a billion, your openness to HTML, how much time you have available, and your willingness to attend glittering events in my stead (All About Eve-style), when necessary.


Wow, this could be serendipitous. As it happens, Ms. Gordon, I was out doing internship interviews this afternoon. I’m a Master of Journalism student here at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. I’m nearing the halfway point of my program, which means looking for places to work for free over the summer. I’d love to go to New York, and my love for its pre-eminent magazine, using your scale, runs to the high eight digits.

I’ve just started a New Yorker-focused blog, so I’ve been snooping around yours. I hadn’t roused the nerve to write you a fan letter, but I’m hoping if I work enough fawning servility into this quasi-official one you’ll get the point.

I was at Emdashes today to see what you had to say about Adam Gopnik – in particular, his notion of deep time-quick time from the Darwin article of several weeks ago. He was on CBC Radio last night (http://www.cbc.ca/ideas), and I sat in a parked car for 20 minutes to hear him finish talking.

My HTML is pretty good. I have 15 hours a week to give you until the summer, and then as much as you need. Glittering events, no problem: I clean up good, I part my hair, I don’t usually predrink.

I’ll send you a copy of my CV as soon as I get to my home computer.


John Bucher

I’m beginning to think the younger generation isn’t a lost cause after all. I’ll be in touch, John Bucher.
p.s. I forgot to mention, Canadians get preferential treatment, but again, the field is open.

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