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San Francisco Event: Rejection Collection Show at the Cartoon Art Museum

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From the SF Chronicle:
A current exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco affirms that something good can, indeed, come from rejection. “The Rejection Collection: Not in the New Yorker Cartoons,” which runs through mid-March, features 30 single-panel cartoons that got no bites when submitted to the magazine.
A cartoon graveyard of sorts, the exhibition showcases those cast-aside gems that “never see the light of day,” says Matthew Diffee, 36, the show’s curator and a prolific contributor to the magazine.

For each weekly issue, the New Yorker receives at least 500 cartoons but can accept only about 20. That means every year, thousands of cartoons are cast aside, many deemed too risque, silly or just plain weird for a mainstream publication. Read on.

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