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Sometimes one must rush. This is such a time. That in no way lessens my excitement about the following, which, to save time and make use of my expensive M.F.A., I will render in couplets (thus the “Personal” category, which is the only way this works in the two-column design) of uncertain scansion:

This Wednesday Jane Mayer is on a human-rights panel;
don’t forget Mead’s marriage talk at the NYPL.

There’s no one in the universe like Lynda Barry,
whose books, republished, define “extraordinary.”

Spiegelman fires (up) the canon at Columbia U.;
on the New Yorker cruise, oceans tumble ya too.

Having no vowels is a blessing and curse.
A George Plimpton statue? It could be worse.

Right now R. Crumb has a big, leggy show,
but it’s in San Fran, so we can’t go.

Patricia Marx (keep a-scrollin’) in her own zingy words;
Harley Lewin was a Badger. Go cheese curds!

Speaking of Marx, some more Texan fashion,
for which you may or may not have a bright turquoise passion.

Three cheers for Art Fag City’s redesign!
Paddy wrote to The New Yorker—she’s not satisfied.

Radar has some fresh redesign views,
and Condé Nast’s greenness is in the green news.

If you think talking cartoons are the craziest thing,
I’d like you to meet Soglow’s alert Little King.

This concerned grammarian is touching my heart.
Remember Suck on Renata? Nostalgic, sweet, tart.

Thanks to you swell tipsters for some of these links!


Well done.
Lots of fun!

Hmm, I don’t know about that Little King movie: the King goes out trawling, picks up a couple of homeless men, brings them home, they all undress and take a bath together, then all sleep together (in the King’s separate bed from his Queen) on Christmas eve? Scandalous! :)

I know, the Queen’s missing out on all the fun! Love that Christmas tree you can plant right in the floorboards; so handy.

Has Nabokov’s fondness for Soglow been covered in — —?

It has not. Sounds like a case for Super Squib!

Quite fun. Particularly grateful for the link on Renata Adler’s TNY book, Gone. One of the weirdest things about that book was that Adler misquoted her own fiction. I noticed because she mangled the music of my all-time favorites sentences ever, the sentence that closes her collection, Speedboat: “It could be that the sort of sentence one wants right here is the kind that runs, and laughs, and slides, and stops right on a dime.” I’m afraid I no longer have a record of how she rewrote it for her memoir, but trust me when I say it was the worse for wear. The whole business was completely inexplicable.

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