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Thanksgiving of the Unexpected

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My old buddy Tom Gogola (whose awesomely loud and witty band, Blown Woofer, is playing twice this weekend in New York, at Union Hall on the 24th and Mercury Lounge on the 25th—now that’s gravy) asked me to contribute to his paper’s Thanksgiving thanks-bonanza, and I did. Have a nice holiday, safe travels to Martin who’s on his way back over the sea, and see you in a few days.

Later: Hey, the results of Leonard Lopate’s Thanksgiving cartoon contest are now up on the WNYC website, complete with video of Lopate and Bob Mankoff chatting and throwing around a cartoon idea that includes the phrase “totally plucked.” Reads one plaintive comment, “congratz to the winners..really. But does anyone else feel like charlie brown for losing?” Cheer up—you’ve still got a chance in the traditional arena. And this week’s edition has Cartoon Issue-themed red in it; if you win it, you’re certainly no turkey.

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