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Caption Contest Winner Lewis Gatlin of Elizabeth City, N.C...

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Please get in touch! As you recall, you won Cartoon Caption Contest #2, the Leo Cullum drawing, with “This is my stop. Phil, you’ll be C.E.O. till Sixty-third Street.” We’re sad that we hadn’t yet started doing detailed interviews with caption winners, and we’d (specifically, a writer we just persuaded to do an interview, and who picked you specifically as an interview subject) love to talk to you in a friendly and nonthreatening manner. Alternately, if you work at the Cartoon Bank and have Lewis Gatlin’s email address, or if you’re Leo Cullum and you’d like to chat with us as well, we’d love that, too!


Hello there.
My sister just ran into this on the web. I’m the guy that won the second week of the New Yorker caption contest. It looks like I missed the boat by a few years here, but I thought I’d say hello anyway. We moved from Elizabeth City NC back to Charlotte NC, which is probably why You couldn’t find me. Oh well.

lewis glenn gatlinJuly 12, 2010

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