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MSNBC's Brian Williams Calls Ryan Lizza "Required Reading"

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Martin Schneider writes:

It’s not every day that a major news network dedicates important programming time (Wisconsin and Hawaii today!) to a discussion of in exactly what ways a recent New Yorker article is so awesome, as happened just a few minutes ago (a little before 2 p.m. Eastern). The article in question was Lizza’s look at John McCain in the most recent issue. They even showed a screenshot of the New Yorker website.

Update: They kept Lizza on after the 2 p.m. jump—he’s rather telegenic! I hope to see more of him.


Well, if Brian Williams says so, I believe it! He’s cool! I saw him at the UCB as the monologuist for an improv show last summer. He’s alright, as they say! Very smart, and very funny man.

Ryan Lizza’s article seems pretty vague and uninteresting. Mucho more interesting is his pages-long diatribe of the divisiveness of Obama’s history, published by the New Republic. This guy seems like a neo-con with a good suit.

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