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Susan Orlean Reads to Kids This Sunday

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Martin Schneider writes:

Those who crave the intelligent presence of Susan Orlean are invited to attend a special reading of her new children's book Lazy Little Loafers, which also feature G. Brian Karas's busy streetscapes with babies of all shapes and sizes.

Orlean's first picture book tries to resolve the questions of a world-weary older sister who wants to know, Why don't babies work? Sleeping in strollers, lounging on blankets in the park, lolling on shoulders as they are carried from place to place—what a great deal! It's enough to drive an older sibling batty! Orlean treats us to a few hilarious theories on the subject (tinged with disgruntlement, of course).

Sounds like fun! I greatly enjoyed Orlean at last year's Festival, and she has no events scheduled for this year's Festival (excepting the book signing at 4pm on Saturday, October 4), so you ought to take advantage!

The reading is on Sunday, September 28, 2008, at 4pm, and the location is the powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn.

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