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Shalom Auslander at Nextbook Covers Israeli Views on Turkey

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Nextbook is a sharp site we like with a fresh take on Jewish subjects. They’ve got a new piece on Israel by Shalom Auslander that is really on the ball; be warned that that description is punningly intended. If you are familiar with his work, that may not come as a surprise.

Speaking of which, I mentioned this during the Festival, but—Matthew Klam cited a work by Auslander in which he discusses good and evil and how they are related, as if they behaved like people, saying that “Light and Dark are buddies, and they hang out after work.” Anyone know where this comes from? (Perhaps Klam himself will let us know.) I’d like to read that.


Dear Headline Shooter,
I’m not sure how accurate I was on that panel but what I meant to refer to was a book Shalom Auslander recommended to me, called Tree of Souls, by Howard Schwartz, a book on Jewish mythology. I’d been looking through it for mentions of the devil (as per our nyer fest panel topic) and found this comment on God and Satan planning Job’s forthcoming miseries. Schwartz explains that God and Satan hang out—God bragging to Satan about Job, etc. “The friendly banter between God and Satan should not be overlooked—Satan is clearly at home in heaven and he and God converse like old friends.” p.111-112, Tree of Souls.

Matthew KlamDecember 11, 2008

I’m sure I got it wrong. It’s apt and suggestive either way, I will be sure to track it down! That panel was a lot of fun. And thanks for writing in.

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