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Forbes' Decent List of 25 Most Influential Media Liberals, Including Hertzberg

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Martin Schneider writes:

I like this list of the 25 most influential liberals in America than the one Tunku Varadarajan, Elisabeth Eaves, and Hana R. Alberts turned out this week for the Forbes website. (Quibbles aside, of course.)

Hendrik Hertzberg finishes at number 17, a couple of spots behind questionably liberal writers Maureen Dowd and Christopher Hitchens. The spot description runs: “Foremost among a tribe of opinion writers that waged a form of moral war against the Bush administration, he has the purest voice in the choir of the East Coast liberal ‘high church.’” But is that really true? (Come to think of it: that role might be taken by Frank Rich, who curiously goes unmentioned.) Anyway, I’d’ve emphasized the unusual grace of his writing style instead—hey, is scrupulous scribbling a path to power?

As I indicated, the list is hard to question, by and large, especially the top pick. But I subscribe to the notion that influence accrues to the regime’s opponents: Rush Limbaugh rises in the Clinton years; Jon Stewart under Bush. Overall, this group is in for some rough years.


I was interested in having a look at this but the way they split up the content over 25 pages (not including the intro!) is maddening. Whenever I see a publication do something like that, I assume the reason involves their advertisers’ target number of page views. It always drives me away.

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