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Alfred Knopf, Jr., 1918-2009

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Benjamin Chambers writes:

Alfred Knopf Jr., co-founder of the Atheneum Publishing, died on Valentine’s Day at 90. Atheneum merged with Charles Scribner’s and Sons in 1978, and is now an imprint of Simon & Schuster, though it now publishes childrens’ books exclusively. Atheneum started off with a bang, however, with bestsellers The Last of the Just, and The Making of the President, 1960. Not bad for a kid who ran away to Salt Lake City after he didn’t make it into Princeton.

New Yorker contributors published at Atheneum: Edward Albee, Wright Morris, and … anyone know of others?


Edward Albee contributed to The New Yorker?
When? I’ll have to look this up on the archive.
Live and learn!

@ Alan Scheer - Yes, Edward Albee contributed a poem that appeared in the magazine on December 29, 1975. To tell you the truth, I thought he’d also contributed an essay, but I don’t see it in the archive.

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