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Infinite Summer: Location 494

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Martin Schneider writes:

I'll be weighing in with some thoughts as the summer progresses, but most of my comments will be vocabulary-related. The Kindle lets you add notes to the text (it's fun to add footnotes to Infinite Jest, like bringing coal to Newcastle). I'll be noting typos in the Kindle edition and other words that caught my eye, struck my fancy, or needed looking up.

Basically it's a promenade of my ignorance and admiration.

location 54: Kindle typo: eitherlor
location 212: Kekuléan
location 226: aviarian: "of or pertaining to an aviary"? Hmm.
location 244: lapidary
location 264: "myriad scrutiny," genius.
location 270: nice work getting "Academy" right, Kindle.
location 318: Brewster's-Angle
location 361: creātus
location 380: Nunn Bush
location 396: pases
location 479: hypophalangial
location 481: Kindle typo: What aBurger (caused by page break in original manuscript)


“KekulĂ©an” is such a tinny word.

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