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The Infinite Summer of David Foster Wallace

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Martin Schneider writes:

Summer began yesterday, and with it began Infinite Summer, a massive book club project (sort of) in which the only book is David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, and readers have until the autumn (September 21) to finish it. The pace is 75 pages a week (not including the associated endnotes), which isn't very hard, and readers are rewarded with all sorts of commentary and opportunities to discuss! (Here's the schedule.)

I'm using the Kindle version, which should make it doubly fun (and also make navigating the endnotes a breeze). I read about 300 pages of it when it first came out, and then stopped, and then developed a block about cracking the book ever again. Until now!

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


I’m shocked that no one’s thought of this before. It seems so easy, almost too easy. With this kind of support I might actually make it.

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