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The New Yorker Accused of Ruining Rio's Olympic Chances as Rio Wins Bid

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Pollux writes:

Anger had erupted in Brazil regarding The New Yorker’s recent story, written by Jon Lee Anderson, on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, as The Gothamist had originally reported.

Brazilian newspaper O Globo had accused The New Yorker of sabotaging Rio’s chances days before the IOC made the final decision about a host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The final four had been Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio.

Well, Rio de Janeiro has won it, despite Anderson’s balanced coverage on the violence that often takes place in the city’s many favelas.

Was there was a connection between the competing Olympic bids and The New Yorker’s decision to run the story?

For my part, I don’t think so. The New Yorker is not in the business of serving in the role of international saboteur, and Anderson himself lamented the fact that the article’s publication coincided so closely with the Olympic decision process.

In any case, we send a heartfelt congratulations to the city of Rio de Janeiro!

It’s a beautiful city and we look forward to the first ever Olympics held in South America!

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