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Next Year's SXSW Interactive: We're In!

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Emily writes (I’m the only person who contributes to the “Personal” category, but it’s always safe to specify):

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that the panel I proposed for the next South By Southwest Interactive has been accepted out of more than 2,300 submissions—and was in the first batch of the first day of announcements, no less. The lineup of speakers is likely to change slightly, as will the nuances of the discussion, but the longhorn and short of it is, I’ll be in Austin come March in my first official role as a content strategist, or critic of content strategy, or strategic content provider, or online publisher, or maybe just—editor/writer.

If you’re planning to be at SXSW, I’d love to hear from you, and if you have any more suggestions about what I should cover at this event, please let me know!


Way to go! Congrats :-)

Have been to three SXSWs and love their panels. You are a worthy addition to the lineup, with a great topic to boot. Felicitations!

Could you give us a link for the panel? I’m really curious.

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