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Irvin Type Watch: Movie Edition

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I was looking, hungrily and with joy, at the conveniently downloadable PEF of the Film Forum schedule and noticed that the titles of the films seem, to my semi-tutored eye, to be in Rea Irvin’s signature type. Take a look:


Is this Irvin type? If not, why not? While I do work at a graphic design magazine and could solicit the opinions of my fellows, I will present the question to you, possibly even better informed readers, first. This will be a recurring feature, which means that if you spot any type in the wild that you suspect to be a Masked Duck, I mean Irvin type, by all means, take a snapshot with your phone or make a screenshot with your mouse. I welcome your submissions! (Oh, and I’ve already got the one from Jane magazine’s website, and will post it soon.)

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