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The Fantastic Pickin' On Series

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Pick of the Issue, our weekly selection of the best of each week’s issue of New Yorker (in other words, the pieces, cartoons, &c. we specifically recommend), has been on temporary New Yorker Festival-related hiatus, but will return soon for your reading pleasure. Meanwhile, what’s your pick of the issue this week?


This week meaning the oct 15th issue, or the oct 8th issue?

Both! I bet you’ve written a thing or two you might want to tell us about.

Without question, POTI for the week of October 15th has to be Joan Acocella’s “Critic’s Notebook” review of Khmer Arts Academy’s new opera, “Pamina Devi.” I knew this immediately on reading Acocella’s beautiful description of the dancers “flexing their lovely fingers like spider chrysanthemums.”

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