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But Where's "Missing a Piece of Your Pattern?"?

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Because that’s my favorite New Yorker ad of all time. This ad-themed roundup on the L magazine blog (which I enjoy, and which should come up with a pithy new name that’s not so much like Blog About Town) is very entertaining, but it doesn’t take into account the very ungeriatric ads that have been popping up on the side margins in recent years. The Bubble Lounge, authors’ websites, CD warehouses, the Criterion Collection, TheaterMania, and what I think is a brand-new ad, one for the Scratch Lounge, a cat-scratch … lounge … that has an insanely (and I mean that in every possible way) cute cartoon—somewhat in the B. Kliban tradition—on it. Um, and I might buy one, actually.

Completely unrelated: I found these old letters to the editor of National Review (that’s the one and only William F. Buckley) pretty funny. It could just be lack of sleep, but I think you’ll agree.

Finally, here’s Ron “Galleycat” Hogan’s writeup of a recent event with Dave Eggers and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at the 92nd St. Y. I think I’m going to read What Is the What. I have some friends who’ve been harassing me about it for months and it’s got to stop. Besides, when all is said and done, I approve of Eggers. That sounds awfully prim, doesn’t it? Still, I approve of Eggers, and I approved this message.


(They are quite funny. )

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