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You'll See the Honor We Have Gained By the Wearing of the Webby

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Emdashes is a Webby Honoree! I hereby blow kisses to the whole scrappy gang: designers/programmers Patric King and Su at House of Pretty and illustrator Jesse Ewing at Inkleaf, of whom I am in awe; writers Martin Schneider and Benjamin Chambers, gentlemen and scholars who donate their righteous labor for the cause; and everyone else, including readers, guest contributors, and New Yorkerites, who makes this go. I owe you guys an Old Fashioned, and more. And congratulations to Webby nominees Design Observer, SVA, and Dwell! (You can vote, too.)


Weehawken! as Churchy LaFemme cheered once in Pogo. That’s fantastic, not to mention well-deserved. Hats off to our wise captain!


Never have I been prouder to be considered the fit company of Hot Chicks with Douchebags.


Carolita there is one of those esteemed contributors I mentioned—that’s her stylish magnifying glass by every “Looked Into,” and her portrait of me for the New Yorker Festival posts, in which she gave me a chic and much-needed manicure.

Congrats—a well-deserved nomination.

Still, Hot Chicks with Douchebags does sound like stiff competition.

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2008 Webby Awards Official Honoree