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I was in the middle of reading the following sentence early this morning — “The wire services piped the story straight to Dubuque” — when I got my first New Yorker Twitter text about David Remnick’s online list of 100 Essential Jazz Albums. (He wrote about Phil Schaap in this week’s issue, and I’m going to reward myself with the piece if/when I get through today. I once saw Schaap swing dancing, years before I started doing it myself, and I was impressed.)

It’s all happening so fast! Also, I will not be generating Twitters myself. I am, we are, posting to this blog, which is our “feed,” if not our daily bread. So just keep coming back to the tasty trough, Templetons and friends. (By the way, this is a truly rocking version of “Rockin’ Robin” by McFly. I am awake. )

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