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Campaign-Trail Pain Painful, Though Even More Painful Had Palin Prevailed

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Emily takes a break from a long issue close to write:

I was sorry to hear from the latest “Campaign Trail” podcast that most-having host Dorothy Wickenden has busted her ankle. President-elect Obama surmised that Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet’s cracked shoulder was the “only major incident” from the Grant Park party. Could this be the second media-related injury this election season? Either way, I hope both bones heal quickly and well.

Also, I was delighted to learn, at the end of this week’s podcast, that “The Campaign Trail” will continue to continue (as Simon & Garfunkel would say), as “The Transition,” which Wickenden describes as “a program about the new political scene in Washington and around the country as the shift in power gets underway.” I’m so glad: The show is too enlightening, and—particularly last week, when the crew became charmingly manic—too entertaining to end.

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