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Roger Angell's "Greetings, Friends!" Is Back, and Cheers for Francoise Mouly

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Emily can’t stop writing, so she writes:

Dwight Garner (hi, Dwight!) has a lovely, and appropriately detailed, story about Roger Angell’s famous holiday poem, a tradition we’d been missing. I love that Angell edited Ogden Nash and now keeps the art of absurd partial rhymes from being entirely unjustly marginalized. I also like this quote from Paul Muldoon: “I myself make no distinction between ‘light’ verse and — what? — heavy verse.”

Elsewhere in noble production, the impossibly soignée Françoise Mouly is also, as you may know, a publisher of gorgeous and educational comics for children; Publishers Weekly praises her; and on Bookreporter.com, she blogs.

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