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Watching the Watcher: Bill Cunningham Profiles Past, Present and Future?

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Jonathan Taylor writes:

Readers who enjoyed Lauren Collins's style issue profile of Times street-fashion shutterbug Bill Cunningham will no doubt have dug up the 2002 autobiographical Times article by him that Collins refers to, "Bill on Bill" (and the associated "The Picture Subjects Talk Back"). But his monkish ways and his passion for deflecting Le Regard were also the subject of a beguiling 1996 piece in ArtForum by Guy Trebay. Cunningham's been coming out of his shell over the 13 years since then, but at such a slow rate, I think he'll remain catnip for profilers for years to come. As Trebay quotes: "'But you'll never know him,' an old friend says. 'You'll never know what he knows or what he has.'"

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