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The Big Plenty: An End-of-Year Message

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Pollux writes:

For the economist Paul Krugman, the years 2000 to 2009 may have been The Big Zero, but for me, thanks to Emdashes, the last couple of years have been an Era of Plenty. I mean the kind of “Plenty” that matters, the kind that is less about material acquisition and more about gaining access to new thoughts and ideas.

To be a part of Emdashes is truly a great privilege and honor, and to work with Emily, Martin, Benjamin, and Jonathan is to be amongst intelligent and congenial company.

2009 marked the first year that I was able to attend The New Yorker Festival, and I hope to attend many more.

2009 was also the year I began writing my Sempé Fi column, which covers New Yorker covers, and which has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. And I continue to enjoy drawing The Wavy Rule.

Not only do we celebrate the beginning of a new year and new decade, we also celebrate the anniversary of Emdashes. Five years of Emdashes!

I often wonder how Harold Ross, The New Yorker’s first editor, would have reacted to the existence of our little website. Probably in this manner:


In any case, once blogging, the Internet, and computers had been explained to Mr. Ross, perhaps by either a patient E.B. White, Katherine White, or Rea Irvin, I think the editor would have been tickled pink by our online offering.

Ross would have encouraged us to move forward and do more, more, more. And so we shall. Here’s to a prosperous and productive 2010!

Thank you all! And drive safely tonight! The Internet Superhighway is a dangerous place (“Internet Superhighway” is a term you don’t hear much anymore).



Hear hear! It’s an honor to be your co-conspirator.

Happy New Year you to all! Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed.

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