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Without Mad Men We'd Go Mad, Men!

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Emily Gordon writes:

My friend Meg (famed Short Fat Dictator blogger and recent transcendent vacation host) just alerted me to a distressing possibility: that Seaon 5 of Mad Men might be in danger. This isn’t new news, but it’s newly distressing to me. People are having tedious arguments about contracts and budgets in some Aeron-riddled, humorless rooms, and that means we might not get to see Don Draper wrestle ever more painfully with the sixties and his multiple superego-id hybrids. Worse, we might be deprived of all those jackets and ashtrays!

Hollywood, it’s time to reorder your mangled priorities and make it happen. Give the man what he wants, even if it’s more episodes featuring his son Marten’s peculiar character Glen. Although if Marten’s brother Arlo could appear on the show as a mysterious diminutive fashion maven, perhaps in a Sally Draper dream sequence, we might all get what we want.


Not Greg - - Glen! I don’t think anything could convince me that more Glen is OK.

That being said - bring back Mad Men!!

Corrected! I knew that looked weird. That’s what I get for posting late at night. I really like the cut of that brother’s jib—could he be swapped in as a younger, flashback Glen?

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