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(1.03.05 and 1.24/31.05 issues) Aloha?

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Thorough coverage of tropical Hawaii lately, in not one but two January numbers. Unfortunately, my cat mauled both and I've gotten Caitlin Flanagan's explanation of why one would bring young twin boys, easily pleased by indoor waterslides, on a luxury island-paradise vacation mixed up with "A Season in the Sun," a zesty and meticulously diacritical-marked advertorial three issues later (between pp. 52-53). Hoping you can help me sort them out again. Which sentence goes with which Hawaiian holiday?

At the community center, you can see the mountains from where you sit, and someone always brings a cooler.

At the Grand Wailea, children and parents exist in a kind of ageless Neverland, in which grownups happily spend hours splashing in kiddie pools and children climb into booster seats at a restaurant where adult entrees cost forty or fifty dollars.

Jetlag makes the melody's bass line seem even more mellow, or is that the Mai Tai? Pack light, swim under the moon.

But at the Grand Wailea there are no censorious blue-hairs bumming you out for your lax parenting techniques.

Like the language itself, Hawai'i is rich with reminders of the world that the first Hawaiians made.

Busy parents want to spend some uninterrupted time with their children, but they also crave a substantial break from those children. Dad wants sex, but Mom has envisioned an interlude of near-monastic solitude.

Why did it rain when you picked that lehua flower?

You can ski there. You can ski there!

When you leave, will you recall the shades of blue?

Caitlin Flanagan on resort family vacations [FamilyScholars]

Back to the Kitchen, Circa 1950, with Caitlin Flanagan [Hillary Frey in Ms.]

I'm not the only one... [Midlife Mama]

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