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That’s how many years ago—come December 31—I founded Emdashes. (Here’s that story.) As Clickhole would say, Wow! Meanwhile, you may be here seeking my sentences, and I’ll happily provide some. Incidentally, my LinkedIn profile is here, should you want to add me to your professional network. I tweet at @emdashes and have a passel of Tumblrs, including The Beautiful Sentence and Obscure Controversies.

I’m a journalist, critic, copywriter, poet, and editor. My most frequent subjects have been design and technology, books and writers, theater and movies. Many of those stories are now in the Lexis-Nexis Federal Penitentiary. But some of my journalism and feature-writing clips are in the green footer below and in the posts tagged “Clips.” I’ve interviewed Edward Gorey, Nick Hornby, J. K. Rowling, François Mouly, and great designers under 30, among many others.

Here’s my theater criticism for Time Out Chicago; liveblogging for a hyperlocal-business conference; features and interviews about graphic design for Print magazine; and vintage but sweet-smelling book reviews for Salon. For NYCgo.com, I did this slideshow on the Mermaid Parade and celebrated the lindy-hop legend Frankie Manning.

On the advertising and digital marketing side, as managing editor of Ogilvy & Mather’s brand newsroom, I edited, art-directed, and co-written hundreds of pieces of content—blog posts, landing-page copy, infographics, social assets, etc. You can get a taste of the work I’ve overseen from this SlideShare recap of our live conference coverage, and these parallax infographics for IBM Cloud.

I’ve ghostwritten blog posts for large B2B companies and reported features for business magazines. While helping the Rockefeller Foundation launch its 100 Resilient Cities ​initiative, I interviewed architecture critics about resilient buildings. I’ve also written a lot of copy for e-commerce and email marketing. As a Groupon staff writer in the site’s salad days, I wrote droll profiles in its giddy house style. I also created many editorial and marketing e-blasts for the art site 20×200. I write song parodies that, to date, no one has paid for, and am an occasional occasional poet.


saint-exupery-snake.jpegBill Haast, 100, Florida Snake Handler, Is Dead
Snake Handler Bitten by One of World’s Most Poisonous Vipers
Snake Handler Hospitalized After Suffering 102d Bite
Snake Handler Dies of Bite, As His Father-in-Law Did
Snake Handler Recuperating
Jolo Journal; When the Faithful Tempt the Serpent
Kentucky Man Killed by Rattler In Rite of Snake-Handling Cult
Defiant Snake Handler Dies
Drought means booming business for Southern California snake handlers
Handling Hogs
SNAKE BITES A SHOWMAN; “Rattlesnake Pete” Gruber Thought to be Dying at Rochester
Zoo Burglar Tries to Steal Deadly Cobras; Mystery in Raid on the Bronx Reptile House
One African Takes Fangs Over Fido As a Sentry


Harold Ramis says ten. (The screenwriter, Danny Rubin, invites you to pony up to find out what he thinks.) These folks say eight years, eight months, and sixteen days. My favorite estimate comes from this brilliant breakdown, which gives it as 12,403 days of Sonny and Cher and sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist, or almost 34 years. Poor Phil. He really earned that happy ending.

—Emily Gordon


Martin Schneider writes:

It was a curious scene Monday night at 92Y. Steve Martin and Deborah Solomon, who is responsible for the "Questions For" feature in The New York Times Magazine, were slated to entertain a mostly filled Kaufmann Concert Hall (and, via simulcast, many other viewers at synagogues around the country) with an hour or so of lively chat.

It took only a few minutes for Solomon to alienate the audience thoroughly.

Solomon's strategy was to treat the event like a book report, covering, almost chapter by chapter, Martin's new novel about the art world, An Object of Beauty. As Martin pointed out, it was wise to assume that the


2008 Webby Awards Official Honoree