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He's on fire

Filed under: Headline Shooter

Twenty-first-century role model Hugo posts an engaging interview with Bruce Springsteen in the Guardian, in which interviewer Nick Hornby writes:

A Long Way Down was fuelled by coffee, Silk Cuts and Bruce (specifically, a 1978 live bootleg recording of 'Prove it all Night', which I listened to a lot on the walk to my office as I was finishing the book). And Springsteen is one of the people who made me want to write in the first place, and one of the people who has, through words and deeds, helped me to think about the career I have had since that initial impulse. It seems to me that his ability to keep his working life fresh and compelling while working within the mainstream is an object lesson to just about anyone whose work has any sort of popular audience.

I can't imagine this piece running in an American newspaper. Why is that?

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