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You might as well live

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From a Llewellyn Journal profile:

Migene González-Wippler is a cultural anthropologist and has worked as a science editor for the American Museum of Natural History, The American Institute of Physics, and the United Nations in Vienna. She has written over 20 books about religion and mysticism, the latest being Keys to the Kingdom: Jesus & The Mystic Kabbalah, which reveals the interrelationship between kabbalah and Christianity. For instance, Spain was the birthplace of the first kabbalists, as well as many noted Jewish mystics and theologians; the body of Jesus's teachings is essentially kabbalistic; and the structure of the Lord's Prayer uncannily reflects that of the Tree of Life, a central kabbalah concept. Devout and skeptical readers alike will find much food for thought in Gonzalez-Wippler's clear-eyed yet sensitive analysis.
[LJ:] Why do you love to write?

[MGW:] I don't love to write. Writing is one of the most agonizing experiences a human being can have. It's like giving birth. I write because I must. It is a compulsion, a driving need. I'm only at peace when I am writing. And like Dorothy Parker, I love having written.

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