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I Salute Fellow Pro-Pigeon New Yorkers

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Like this one:

I witnessed a very strange phenomenon today while on a break from work. It was cold outside, so I stood against the loading docks of a largely uninhabited office on 41st street to get away from the wind. Naturally, a small group of pigeons were there first.... Cont'd.

Of course, I'm linking to this because it has a timely connection to "Little Wing," Susan Orlean's nicely written piece about homing pigeons and their admirers from this week's magazine. As I read I envisioned a Charlie Kaufman screenplay with pigeon fanciers standing in for orchid thieves, and mentorship of the long-haired little girl from Boston replacing clandestine romance with wild John Laroche. Meanwhile, remember the pigeon-themed caption-contest cartoon? "And tomorrow I'll teach you to build a nest." See, there's a benevolent pigeon right there. Before you judge the next pigeon you see, take a minute to admire its coloring, its placidity, its iridescent feathers. You'll be impressed.

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