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Got $5? Send It My Way for MS Research

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This is a humble reminder that I'm walking (twelve miles, a lovely tour of the city) this Sunday in the MS Walk for Team Biddy, the spirited gang of two dozen that represents the countless friends of the Lascivious Biddies and their superfabulous (and always glamorous) guitarist, Amanda Monaco, who was diagnosed with the disease last year. Please give anything you can (that's a link to my personal page; the forms are safe, the gifts are tax-deductible)—it means a lot to me, but it means a whole lot more to everyone with MS we're walking for. Thanks a million!

Photo: C.C. Chapman

Update: Wow, was that a chilly, rainy, wet-footed walk! (There were six of us left in the end; click on C.C.'s name above for a picture of the whole initial crew, which was still dry at that point.) But the walkers' spirits were still admirably high. It's not too late to chip in something, so thanks in advance, and huge thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

Update update: It's not too late to donate; you can still use the online form till June 23 and kick in something for MS research and a cure, donated in my name (you even get to be on an Honor Roll—your name in lights!). Thanks again so much to all of you good people who've given something. It really helps!


New hardcore french writer:“Idéologiquement Cash/ChiotteL’aplat de niaiseries répandu sur le texte a empêché de dévoiler la puissance colérique des propos en général. Une sorte de philosophie en parfaite adéquation avec l’époque. Ni avant-garde, ni conservatisme.”To be continued: http://hirsute.hautetfort.com

Merci, Andy! Now donnez-moi some argent, s’il vous plait. Maintenant vous etes un philosophe plus genereux!

SO great to meet and chat with you this weekend. It sure was a walk to remember!

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