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No Restraint in "Drawing Restraint"

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Once you're done reading the Matthew Barney profile from the New Yorker archives, read my arty friend Paddy's funny review of Barney's new movie:

The jelly scenes are a rehashing of more successful work in the Cremaster series, and the commitment ceremony violates some of the most fundamental principles of sound art making practice, namely that if you are Matthew Barney you should NEVER EVER use CGI. Barney has no aptitude with digital mediums, and has demonstrated this both in Cremaster 3, when he used an animation program to spin a ribbon falling from the top of the Empire State building, thereby cheesifing what would have been a nearly perfectly visually contructed movie (speaking strickly of the first half), and in Drawing Restraint 9 where any underwater shot he's made looks stupid because the computer generated images are poorly excecuted and he has chosen to render something in a medium that makes no sense relative to his larger working process. Here's all of it.

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