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OK, Sasha Frere-Jones may already have this on his blog somewhere (it's from April, National Feel Uneasy Because Poetry Might Make You Feel Things Month), but I can't resist finally posting something from YouTube: an episode of The Million Poems Show, in which Sasha expresses a tuneful appreciation for the Million Poems, or at least some of them. Jordan Davis, my college classmate, is the host of the show, and seems (in his impresario mode) to be channeling Paul Simon during the Concert in Central Park: "Well, it's great to do a neighborhood concert!" (This is just from my initial foray into New Yorker life on YouTube; more finds, like this tiny clip of Bjork talking about celebrity gossip at the New Yorker Festival, TK.)

In case you were wondering, there was a sentence missing from Sasha's new Radiohead review. Meanwhile, there was a funny Nerve animation months ago (now on YouTube, too) that featured The New Yorker (and Mad!), vividly. Should I NC-17ize my site, or should I make you hunt it down for your naughty selves?

As I enjoyed a few nostalgic internet moments of actual surfing, I happened on two things I skipped last year but shouldn't have: Liesl Schillinger on the disappointments of Turkish Delight, and, related, the British Narnia rap. Scones outdo even Magnolia in their starchy glory.

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