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Can This Movement Be Saved?

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An interview with Katha Pollitt on Salon. Which reminds me: Congratulations, Katha and Steven!


Hmm, I guess if I HAVE to call myself a feminist in order to express the fact that I support women’s rights, I will… But I’m still thinking about it. I happen to think I’m more of a humanist and would grant the same rights I support for women, to men as well (if ever needed be). Know what I mean? I think the things I support for womenkind are a logical consequence of supporting humankind. Because what’s good for humanity is good for women, and vice versa. No?The word “feminist” for me, having grown up in the and 70’s and 80’s, evokes the “battle of the sexes.” And I don’t even like to say I’m fighting a cold! I think it’s more about negociating differences, and being humane somehow.The intersting thing about feminism today, I’d like to point out, is the way it’s being conducted other countries, like Uruguay. Not at all combative, but nevertheless fierce and to be reckoned with, and really very much more humanist in its approach. It’s as if they learned from our beginnings. I’m quite proud of a particular magazine called Cotidiano Mujer, which is a very informative, steadfast, (maybe strident?) voice of feminism in Uruguay.In case anyone reads spanish, here’s the link: Cotidiano Mujer(I must disclose that one of the editors, Elena Fonseca, is a friend, but it was her magazine that impressed me before I got to know her even more impressive person.)

What’s your “congratulations” mark in regard to.

AnonymousJuly 31, 2006

Or even better, this.

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