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Nick Lemann "Not Resisting the Web"

Filed under: Headline Shooter

Lemann responds to Jeff Jarvis' remarks today in the Guardian's Comment Is Free. All I'd add to my side note about the original New Yorker story is that it would be smart to hire Bryan Keefer. So, people who hire, get on it!

Speaking of the web and everything, Comment Is Free looks different from the newspaper sites I'm used to reading. They explain:

Comment is free is a major expansion of Guardian comment and analysis on the web. It is a collective group blog, bringing together regular columnists from the Guardian and Observer newspapers with other writers and commentators representing a wide range of experience and interests. The aim is to host an open-ended space for debate, dispute, argument and agreement and to invite users to comment on everything they read.

Huh, I feel the spray of the wave of the future! Or maybe I'm just swayed by the clean, pretty design (I'm fond of red and green, as you can see).

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