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Ron White, Philosophically

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The comic responds to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour story (July 10, not online alas) in an interview with the Austin American-Statesman:

The New Yorker recently came out with a piece that highlighted how White and the other Blue Collar Comedy Tour comics — Jeff "You Might Be a Redneck" Foxworthy, Larry the "Git'er done!" Cable Guy and Bill "Here's Your Sign" Engvall — get little respect from industry types because Hollywood can't view blue-collar America, specifically Southern accents, through anything but haughty, elitist glasses.

White and I spoke over the phone. I was in my apartment in lovely South Austin, and he was in his mansion in Atlanta.

Wait. Let's say we're playing golf on his gated community's private course. God, I'm terrible at this game.

Austin American-Statesman: So you read the New Yorker article?

Ron White: Yeah that's great. Get me real drunk in a bar after I just played for 18,000 people; see what happens next. Cont'd.

Related, kinda: Dana Goodyear's Profile of Sarah Silverman. "Her arms are long and her center of gravity is low: she is five feet seven, and moves like a vervet monkey.... [Penn Jillette] says, 'I really think that her sensibility—not her style—and her material and her ability to write and her timing would all work just as well if she looked like Gilbert Gottfried. And yet she doesn’t in any way deny who she is. That’s all you want.' "


What is the date of the New Yorker article on the Blue Collar comedians? Thank you.

The Profile of Sarah Silverman is very interesting. She is very funny but I have only seen her on one tv show. I would like to hear more of her stand-up comedy.

The issue date for the Blue Collar Comedians piece is 7/10/06, and it’s by by Tad Friend, who I think is one of the best of the best they have writing for The New Yorker these days.

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