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Andrew Miksys: Seattle Photog Makes Good

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Hometown pride, in The Stranger’s blog, for the creator of the striking photo that illustrates “Bravado,” the William Trevor story in the 1.15.07 issue:
How many expressive young men are sitting around Seattle dreaming of one day being in The New Yorker? Who can keep track… But here is one Seattle native, photographer Andrew Miksys, who has actually made the leap. His picture “Kissing Couple,” from 2001, accompanies William Trevor’s short story in the current issue of the magazine.

Here’s a cleaner version of the photograph. It’s from Miksys’s time in Lithuania, where he’s focused much of his attention on the Roma. Miksys will be at Seattle’s CoCA on Jan. 26, along with NPR commentator and poet Andrei Codrescu, to present images from Miksys’s new book, BAXT.

If you go, ask him about this lady.

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