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Gladwell Ruckus, Brunetti Fever: A Friday Afternoon Guest Post

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By Martin Schneider, whose terrific Squib Report is now a regular Emdashes feature. Over to you, Martin!
On his blog, Malcolm Gladwell has followed up his contrarian New Yorker article on Enron with an intriguing request. He wants someone to explain, in three sentences or less, what the legal case against Jeff Skilling actually was. The thread of comments that ensued has been highly contentious (and entertaining). Full disclosure: I’m the jackass who brought up Terrell Owens.

Meanwhile, comix aficionados are excited about this week’s cover by Ivan Brunetti; witness Eric Reynolds’s blog at Fantagraphics, called FLOG!. Brunetti is one of the true champs of the current scene: his recent comix anthology by Yale U. Press has received kudos from nearly all quarters. If you want to see some single-panel comix offensive enough to have sent Harold Ross instantly into a coma, check out his Hee! and Haw! mini-books.


I haven’t read the whole Gladwell piece, or the blog stuff either, but I was excited to see Gladwell assigned a real topic. And ruckus ensues, of course. Fun.

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