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Harold From the Block, the Key to the City, and a "Celebrity Tonguemeister"

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NYC Blocks, you’re the most welcome new fish in the aquarium (I don’t read a lot of blogs, aside from those I find absolutely necessary; if anything, these days, I read wondrous things like this) since the splendiferous Today in Letters. Read David Crohn’s most recent (that is, his second) post on NYC Blocks, “11th Street Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.” A snippet: “Musical iconoclast Charles Ives, playwright Oscar Wilde and famed New Yorker editor Harold Ross liked the block so much they once called it home, but my favorite residence is still occupied by some of its original inhabitants….”

History-digging? Renting? Buying? Strolling? Read on. Also, unrelated: Is Jay McInerney the Truman Capote of wine, meaning, to this writer, “a celebrity tonguemesiter with forelock tugged to any passing celebrity or supertaster”?

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