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Imus Getting Fired in the Morning

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Actually, I’m not writing about that (and I’m happy not to be), but I do like a good musical hed. This post is really about the David Sedaris plausibility debate, which, as far as I can tell, is a tempest in a Tinkerbell-sized thimble. Thoughts? The best outcome of this pointless peeping, for me, has been a link (in one of the comments on the New Republic piece that started it all) to Mark Twain’s gloriously absurd anecdo-tale “How I Edited an Agricultural Paper Once.” Let’s all cook up more stories like this!

Speaking of brilliant story-spinners, there’s a great Kurt Vonnegut recording from 1970—years before Breakfast of Champions was even a book—on the 92nd St. Y’s blog. R.I.P., K.V.


The long ride to work, the long ride home. Commuting in Wisconsin — how my experience stacks up against that of the people Nick Paumgarten describes in his TNY story.

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