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In which various Emdashes contributors note what we liked in last week’s issue.

New department alert! Never before has an issue of The New Yorker boasted a Dept. of Entomology—until now. I think Elizabeth Kolbert’s blend of the personal and the scientific is a model of the genre. Also, if you’re looking at Michael Specter’s spam damnation and wondering who or what Nanospore LLC might be, here’s your answer. I can never recall whether Nanospore’s debut illustration was under Shawn or Ross.

I noticed in Peter Schjeldahl’s review of the Sara and Gerald Murphy show that the vaunted department is referred to as a “Profile”—that capital P surprised me; has it been uppercase for long? Librarians? (I guess it was always u.c. Maybe it just looked weird because they had it as “1962 New Yorker Profile” where it made it seem that the final word just had to be l.c. File under “Things only a copy editor would ponder.”) Paul Goldberger’s review of the Times’ gleaming new digs makes me want to take a tour of the premises—and Bloomberg HQ, too. —Martin Schneider

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