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Festival: The Art of Jumping on Concrete

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The “Parkour New York” event with David Belle happened at the same time as the Master Class on Profile Writing. I scurried over to Javits Plaza as soon as I could, hoping for a hyperactive last few minutes. By the time I got there, the event was more or less over. As the picture below demonstrates, the location was exceedingly well chosen.

I was due at the Joan Weill Center to see Alex Ross, but I took a few minutes to mill about (and dodge the occasional hurtling body). As it happened, some fellow was in the process of taking an arm’s-length self-portrait with Belle; I intervened and took a more standard posed shot from a few feet away.

Then Belle wordlessly (I think he does not speak English) called for a group photo to commemorate the event. If you ever see any such picture (I’ll be sure to post it if I do), I’m in there somewhere, certain to prompt in the other participants the pressing question, “Who the hell is that guy?”



Fortunately, Jason Kottke was there and therefore is able to provide a much fuller report than I can.

—Martin Schneider

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